Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Forgive me, for I have sinned

Several things have happened so far. I have, in fact, found interesting individuals I enjoy company with. They live on campus, and are present often enough to disrupt my doldrums. I've found something I sincerely enjoy taking my time: gaming. I've become a professional gamer. This happened some time ago, but considering this blog is very new and very uninformed, it's worth mentioning.

The last little detail, at the time that this blog post had originally been in the making, had been a solid foundation being made with the woman I'm interested in. We'll call her May, since I doubt this is the last time I'll refer to her (name changed, clearly). However, that wonderful foundation got rocky almost exactly 20 minutes ago.

I love to argue. Every one of my friends knows this about me. They LOVE it about me. Just adore it. They're my friends almost because of it. However, this characteristic (shortcoming?) got me in a fight with May, which ended sorely. She accused me of consistently arguing for the sake of winning.

May, if you read this: I'm so, so sorry. I don't like to argue to win, I just like to argue. I hate that you got mad at me over something I love to do. It was never my intent to "win" every discussion we've ever had. If that's the picture you got of me, I'm sorry for failing to paint myself truthfully. I feel terrible.

Concede me my sorrow. Please forgive me.

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