Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm Amazing

No, really. I'm amazing.

During the last two days, I have:
—solved Phaedron's girl problems (twice)
—began and solved my own girl problem
—played sand volleyball twice with a wonderfully sweet young woman we'll name Trina
—ripped through a 50-win streak in my wonderful gaming career, securing a spot for the next Elite tier game we're sure to win
—had nine iced teas (they were delicious)
—drank myself to oblivion after having a relapse of an old ex girlfriend
—hugged my Portal plush toy (damn right I have a Companion Cube)
—bought a pair of spectacles...

...and still wrote 36 of my 54 pages required essays to be written for this week. Two days.

I'm an exceptional human being.

I'm also seeing DJ Tiesto tomorrow night in Cleveland. I hate Ohio, but once in awhile something does go my way.